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Our debut recording, released by Resonus Music in August 2023

APOCALYPSE sets words from Pricke of Conscience, a medieval poem telling of the last 15 days of the world, which is also depicted in stained glass in a stunning 15th century window in All Saints Church, North Street, in York.  All Saints also provides the inspiration for AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD.  Composed in collaboration with poet Abi Curtis, this is the tale of Emma Raughton, an anchoress who lived in solitary isolation in All Saints during the early years of the 15th century, and who allegedly received visitations from the Virgin Mary. 

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Five Humble Verses

first performance TBC

Verses by Emilia Lanier, from Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum (1611).  Lanier was associated with both Byrd and Shakespeare, and one of the first English women to be published.

Brave New Worlds 

Three very different visions of a new world, as seen by Thomas More, Aldous Huxley, and von Harbou (his book Metropolis, the basis of the influential film).  


first complete performance  National Centre for Early Music,  26 November 2022

first performance of Brave New Worlds I: News from Nowhere St John's RC Church, 20 June 2021, Beverley Early Music Festival

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A project in collaboration with AudioLab, part of the Department of Electronic Engineering. University of York.  Recorded in the university's Rymer Studio and anechoic chamber, performances of Ambrose Field's Architexture I and an anonymous 15th century Gloria from the 'York Masses' may be listened to as an immersive audio experience.  More information can be found here and in a demonstration of the app in the video below.

In the video below, the extract begins with the Rymer acoustic before transitioning to the immersive audio acoustic of the Guildhall.

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