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Recording the Apocalypse

In early June, we started our first recording project, and collaboration with composer David Lancaster (Professor of Composition at York St John University). 'Apocalyspe', composed in 2014, and published by UYMP, portrays the last fifteen days of the world as displayed in the stained glass of the Pricke of Conscience Window in the Church of All Saints, North Street, in York.

Painted in the early fifteenth century, the window is a unique depiction of the fifteen terrifying and unnatural signs, or days, that medieval theologians believed would precede the end of the of the world – the countdown to the Apocalypse or Last Judgement of mankind. Earthquakes, floods, the dead rising, and more.... all are set vividly by David, exploiting wide vocal ranges and different choral styles.

We are very grateful to David, and Adam Binks at Resonus Classics, for working hard to get this project started at a time when Covid restrictions were still in place. We look forward to completing this recording with a new piece by David, also exploring the medieval heritage of York.

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